Adult Leagues

We host occasional tournaments – Outdoor 4 courts, Pool Play + Bracket, or Double-Elimimation.

For any questions about the league, contact Bret Newman at or call 732.567.0588.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

Open Sand

Private Sand Court Use Information:

  • Open Sand is Sunday from 9 AM-5 PM except on event days, check event calendar
  • Free of charge – Donations are greatly appreciated! Venmo: @Eudaimonia-HumanFlourishing
  • Court reservations available upon request, call or email to inquire about availability and rates
  • Please sing a waiver
  • Playing in our Open Sand constitues acknowledgment of review of waiver and acceptance of liability of unsupervised use.

For more information, please contact Bret Newman at or call 732.567.0588.

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Flourish Beach

@ Eudaimonia HFC
4471 Parmalee Gulch Road
Indian Hills, Colorado 80454

Florish Beach is a program of Eudaimonia HFC, whose mission is to develop authentic love and compassion to cultivate continual growth toward enduring happiness, penetrating wisdom, and optimal well-being.